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Admin Login/Control Center Access
Accessing the Control Center    Help# 122508408    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Login

Site Setup and Optimization
This HELP tells you how to use the Site SEO & Identity feature when setting up your site.  We have some very "slick" methods for optimizing your search engine value.  In fact we have built Webs-a-gogo from the ground up with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind.    Help# 0204091018    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Site SEO/Identity

Adding a Guestbook
The guestbook is an included feature of all WAG-PACS.  You simply have to activate the Link to it in the Homepage Setup feature of the Webs-a-gogo Control Center.    Help# 0106091059    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Guestbook Manage

Approving/Displaying Guestbook Entries
The Webs-a-gogo Guestbook does not automatically display entries that your guests leave. You must approve them before they can be displayed.    Help# 0106091226    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Guestbook Manage

Deleting a Guestbook Entry
This Help explains how to delete an entry from your guestbook.    Help# 010609258    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Guestbook Manage

Creating Press Article Text Links
There are numerous ways to create hyperlinks (links) in Webs-a-gogo.  This Help describes how to create a link from text in the Memo Field of a Press Article.    Help# 010609445    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

Remove a hyperlink from text

This Help explains how to remove a hyperlink from text or images in Press Article Edit mode.    Help# 010609528    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

Linking an Image
There are numerous ways to create hyperlinks (links) in Webs-a-gogo. This Help describes how to create a link from an image in a Press Article.    Help# 010709137    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

Open a seperate browser window with a link
There will be times you want your links to open in a seperate browser window.  This Help explains how to do that from within Press Article Edit.    Help# 010709141    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

Press Article - Add New
The Press Article is Webs-a-gogo’s name for a webpage or webpage content. You can add unlimited Press Articles to your website.  This Help explains the basics of adding a new Press Article.    Help# 010709454    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Press Articles

Editing a Press Article
When it comes time to modify the content of your webpages, editing a Press Article is easy. This Help explains how to edit a Press Article.    Help# 010709543    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Press Articles

Staff/Employee/User Management
Staff/Employee lists are used in several places in your site for various reasons --- event notifications, task list notification, catalog contacts, assigning username/permissions, etc.    Help# 021309441    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Staff Manage

Changing the Guestbook Header

This HELP explains how to edit the text and picture of your Guestbook header.    Help# 020409341    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Guestbook Manage

Shopping Cart Configuration
This HELP explains how to configure your Shopping Cart.    Help# 020409422    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Catalog Manage

Color Editing in Press Articles
Editing Colors of Text and other content within a Press Article.    Help# WAG    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Site Themes/Colors

QuickStart Guide - Introduction    Help# QS-1    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Getting Started

Footer Links Management
This HELP explains how to manage the Footer Links section located at the bottom of a Webs-a-gogo website.    Help# 020909550    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

Homepage Setup
The Homepage Setup feature lets you establish the basic look and feel of the Links on your website.  This HELP explains how to access and use the Homepage Setup feature.    Help# 021009139    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Getting Started

Deleting a Link
Some Links can be deleted while others can be removed. This HELP explains the difference.    Help# 021009409    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

Press Article - Delete
Press Articles may be deleted, but you may want to consider other methods than deletion.  Unless storage space is becoming a problem, the better idea may be to just turn the link to the page off.  This HELP explains how to delete a Press Article.    Help# 021309445    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Press Articles

Picture Uploading
The Picture File Uploading feature is used extensively in your site.  Its basic use is simple and this HELP explains it.    Help# 021309504    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Photo Management

Picture Size and Orientation
There are some size and orientation issues you should consider as you prepare to upload pictures to your site.    Help# 021609310    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Photo Management

Pre-MadePress Articles    Help# 021809405    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Press Articles

Colors and Text management, Global Configuration
You can "globally" change the appearance of your site by using the Website Colors & Size Manager.  This HELP explains its usage.    Help# 021909509    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Site Themes/Colors

Text color editing in WAG-MOD HTML Editor
In addition to being able to globally change colors and text sizes, you can also change them locally in each Press Article.  This HELP explains how.    Help# 022009419    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Site Themes/Colors

Adding mouseover text to a link (link title)
This Help explains how to add "mouseover" text to a hyperlink in a Press Article.    Help# 010709219    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

Login - Forgot Credentials
I forgot my website login credentials. Can't remember your username or password Here's what you do now? Forgot Login, Forgot my login, forgot my username, forgot my password    Help# 0211091355    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Login

Choosing a Counter for your site
If you choose to have a counter on your site you can choose the style you want.  This HELP explains how.    Help# 022009515    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Counter Manage

Contact Form - General
Visitors to your site can email you or your staff members through the use of Contact Forms that are "standard issue" with a Webs-a-gogo website.    Help# 030209157    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Contact Forms

Helpful Links Feature
Your WAG-MOD site comes with a Helpful Links feature that allows you to consolidate links to other sites that you may be affiliated with or just fond of.  This HELP explains how to use the feature.    Help# 030309434    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

Music Manager
Your webs-a-gogo site comes standard with a MP3 player which you can upload your favorite Audio files to.  Visitors can then listen to your jams or other audio files.  This HELP explains how to manage your audio files.    Help# 031709341    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Music Manage

Email Account Setup
Your Webs-a-gogo site comes standard with an email account.  This HELP explains how to manage the account.    Help# 032409304    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Email Manage

The newsletter feature of your Webs-a-gogo website is a versatile tool. This HELP explains how to use it.    Help# 033009438    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Newsletter Manage

Using your Photo Album
Your Webs-a-gogo site comes equipped with a Photo Album.  This HELP explains how to set it up and use it.    Help# 033109    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Photo Management

Photo Album Displays
Your Photo Album can be displayed either as a slideshow or as a static display.    Help# 040109945    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Photo Management

Email Alias Account
Your Webs-a-gogo email account comes standard with an Alias function.  Several Aliases are included and you can add more as you like.  This HELP explains the email Alias function.  We suggest that you review the Webs-a-gogo HELP covering Email Account Setup prior to viewing this HELP.    Help# 0403091145    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Email Manage

Catalog Setup - Concept

Your online catalog is a powerful tool for promoting your products or services.  This Webs-a-gogo HELP explains the concept of the online catalog.    Help# 0410091134    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Catalog Manage

Catalog Setup - Add Departments and Categories
You begin building your webs-a-gogo online Catalog by establishing Departments and Categories.  This HELP tells you how to begin.    Help# 0410091255    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Catalog Manage

Catalog Setup - Adding Items
Once you've set up Departments and Categories in your Catalog, it's time to start Adding Items.  This webs-a gogo  HELP walks you through the process.    Help# 041009358    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Catalog Manage

Inserting Images
This Webs-a-gogo HELP details the usage of the WAG HTML Editor Image Insertion tool    Help# 1210091140    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / WAG HTML Editor

Creating and Managing your Blogs
Your webs-a-gogo site comes with a Blog Viewer and Manager.  This HELP explains their usage.    Help# 042009316    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Blogs Manage

Editing a Blog
Editing your webs-a-gogo Blog is easy.  This HELP explains how to do it.    Help# 042209345    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Blogs Manage

Mail List Subscribe    Help# 042209450    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Email Manage

Calendar - Add
Your Webs-a-gogo WAG-MOD website allows you to have as many calendars as you want.  They can be public or private.  They can also be staff specific.  This HELP explains how to add a new calendar.    Help# 042609446    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Calendar Manage

Calendar - Edit
This HELP explains how to edit the properties of your Webs-a-gogo Calendar.    Help# 0429091107    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Calendar Manage

Picture Uploads - Known Issues
Some security settings on your computer could affect the Webs-a-gogo picture upload process.  This HELP outlines KNOWN problems and solutions.    Help# 051209127    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Photo Management

Press Article Layout Styles
You can assign any one of six different layout styles to your Webs-a-gogo Press Articles.  This way you can spice up the look of your website with a single click.  While the flow and overall look of your site remains consistent, your press articles will have a variety of layouts to keep it fresh.  Below you will find screen shots of the layouts we currently have available.    Help# 0512091810    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Press Articles

Create a Link to a Press Article
This HELP explains how to create a Navigation Menu link directly to a Press Article.    Help# 051509237    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

SEO Tips
This Help describes tips and guidelines designed to help your site get found on Google and other search engines.    Help# 0610091800    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Site SEO/Identity

Create a Mail List

This HELP explains how to set them up.    Help# 0903091254    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Email Manage

Calendar - Add an Event
This HELP explains how to add an event to one of your Webs-a-gogo Calendars.    Help# 0429091128    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Calendar Manage

Catalog Field Labels    Help# 1008091351    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Catalog Manage


Quickstart with Web Specialist AssistUsing your Web Specialist for your Site Content Management can be very useful.  The purpose of the Quickstart-Assist system is to provide a support mechanism to Webs-a-gogo clients who purchase a Websagogo WAG-MOD website module.  Specifically, clients who need manpower resource assistance with content management in order to get the website published and ready for public browsing.   And do it all on a budget    Help# QS2-WebSpecAssist    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Getting Started

Master Memo Field HELP
Master Help File for Memo fields    Help# 1204091213    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / WAG HTML Editor

HTML Editor Toolbar Overview
Overview of WAG-MOD HTML editor icons    Help# 1204091408    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / WAG HTML Editor

File Paths
This Webs-a-gogo HELP is a discussion of File Paths.  It is important that you understand File Paths and how to find the path to a file.    Help# 1210091620    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / WAG HTML Editor

Using Your Mail List    Help# 1014091508    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Email Manage

Manually Adding Names to a Mailing List
You can manually add names to a mailing list.  This HELP explains how.    Help# 1015091631    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Email Manage

Main Navigation Links
This Webs-a-gogo HELP describes the usage of the main Links Management Page.  NOTE:  The links management page is used for editing the main navigation list of your Hompage.  This page should only be used if your website design DOES NOT use the NAV-BAR.    Help# 1021091251    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

Module URLs
The following help gives you samples of url paths within your site.  Use them to create links within the MyLinks and in Memo editors.    Help# 1026091323    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

Horizontal NavBar

Depending on the design of your Webs-a-gogo WAG-MOD site, one of the options you may have is the use of a horizontal, rather than vertical, Navigation Bar.  This HELP explains how to use the Horizontal NavBar.    Help# 1026091429    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

Terms and Definitions
Terms from the QuickStart Guide - Webs-a-gogo Online Training System (OTS).  The terms and definitions list is a group of terms commonly used at Webs-a-gogo and, on the world wide web. Knowing these terms will help you on your journey! You do not need to memorize the terms on the list, just read through the terms and definitions to become familiar with them.    Help# 1214091656    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Getting Started

Making Audio Files Public
Once you upload your audio files to the Audio File Manager you can choose whether or not to make the track public.  This Webs-a-gogo HELP explains how.    Help# 0316100741    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Music Manage

Web-based Email Login
There are several ways to access your web-based email account.  This Webs-a-gogo HELP explains them in detail.    Help# 0105101213    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Email Manage