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Help Details: Music Manager
Your guests can listen to your favorite jams or other audio files on your site.  The MP3 player page looks like this:
To upload your Audio Files, select the Music Manager icon in your Control Panel:
This takes you to the MP3 Audio Edit feature.
Add the information for your new upload:
Track Name > Album Name >Artist > A Link URL to the artist's website >a description of the track (or maybe how you feel about it).
Then use the Audio File Upload function to browse to the file location on your computer and upload it.
If you have a picture that's associated with the track, use the Picture Uploader to upload it.
Click the "Add It" button to save your uploads.
To edit information about (or delete) an audio track from your site, select the song from the "Select AudioTracks" dropdown and click the "Submit" button.
This brings your information up in an editable format.  Make the change you want to make and click the "Modify it" button to save them.
To delete an audio track, scroll to the bottom of the page after selecting the track to modify.  There you will find the delete applet.  Simply click Delete It:
Then click OK on the confirmation dialog box:
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3/16/2010     Date Entered 3/17/2009

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