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FAQ at Staff Only. Thank You! "Text color editing in WAG-MOD HTML Editor"
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Help Details: Text color editing in WAG-MOD HTML Editor

Important Note:  If you are planning to locally format text or colors in a Press Article that will contain hyperlinks, create the hyperlink FIRST, then format the text.  If you format the text first, then create the hyperlink, the hyperlink will change your text formatting.
In any Press Article the text and colors in Memo1 through Memo 4 are able to be LOCALLY changed.  You can change Font Style or Font Size, bold, italicize, underline or change colors for words or phrases.  Changes made in this manner will only affect the Press Article you are editing. 

To change colors you use the color picker.  Highlight the text you want to change, the click the textcolor icon.  Select the color you want to use and click it:
The text you have selected changes colors:

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