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Help Details: Quickstart-Assist

WAG-MOD Quickstart-Assist - Using Web Specialist for Site Content Management using the Quickstart system

Purpose: To provide a support mechanism to Webs-a-gogo clients who purchase a Websagogo WAG-MOD website module. Specifically, clients who need manpower resource assistance with content management in order to get the website published and ready for public browsing. While the WAG-MOD website has all the client tools in a web browser environment necessary to populate the website for public viewing, there are times when clients need assistance using those tools. As such, Webs-a-gogo has a system for taking the client provided website content information and using it to populate the client’s website for them. This system is called Quickstart-2 Web Specialist Assist.

Application: The following method is setup to assist clients with populating their WAG-MOD website in order to publish for public browsing. These steps are designed to be performed in concert between the Client and the Webs-a-gogo Web Specialist. Each step is designated with who should perform the step, the Client or Web Specialist. Follow the simple steps below to reach a state of basic content population sufficient for public viewing. NOTE: Additional, and detailed content can be added once the website is published for public browsing with the essentials of:

Who we are | What we are about | How to reach or Where we are”.

Steps to Going Live (Publishing to the Public):

1. Client: (Reading) Before proceeding here, read thru the Help file on Quickstart for WAG-MOD. This will better prepare you for the steps below. Click HERE to read the Quickstart Guide.

2. Client: (Keywords) Determine a list of 25 keywords/keyphrases that describe their company or interests for the website. These keywords should describe those interests by both identity and by what the interests are. This way the client’s website can be found by both who they are and what they do. Remember, when it come to being found on the web, it is all about WORDS. Words rule the day on web search engines. If you want to get found, then make sure your website is full of the key words that describe who you are, what you do, why you do it and where you do it. These key words should be everywhere such as Links, Page names, Article Name, Titles, Subtitles, Picture names and in your Meta tags.

Some Keyword Examples: If you are a doctor with a Medical website. And you are a Orthopedic Doctor named: Ima O. Docktor. Your keywords would list both who you are and what kind of work you do, and be comma separated with a space.

Such as: Dr. Ima O. Docktor, Orthopedic medicine, Ima Docktor, Orthopedist, Orthopedics, Orthopedic Physician Atlanta Ga, Atlanta Orthopedist, Orthopedic Physician in Atlanta, etc.

3. Client: (Identity) Create a text document listing the contact info you wish to have published on your website.

4. Client: (Pages) Determine (in a basic way), what pages you know you want to have. For example: Homepage, About Us page, Contact Us page, Directions page, Calendar, etc.. If you are not sure what to use, speak to your Web Specialist for guidance.

5. Client: (Links) Determine which links you want to have which go to certain features and/or pages in your site. Some links go to pages you have determined in the previous steps, some go to WAG-MOD Pre-made pages and still some may go to pages outside your site. Your Web Specialist can help you determine these too.

6. Client (Content) Write the content you want for each page. Gather the picture(s) you want for each page. Create a folder in your Computer, such as My Documents and name it your what you Domain Name is: For example: Then, create a folder in that main folder for each page you intend to have. This is very easy. From inside you’re my Documents folder, on the menu at the top...
Click on File >> New >> Folder >> Give it the name of the page.

The new folder will appear inside the main folder for your website. Now once all of your folders are created you can begin storing your pictures and info inside them. We recommend that:
Your pictures be in the .jpg format. This is the standard format that almost all digital cameras use.

Your documents be in .doc or .wpd which is MS Word or Word Perfect. You can also use MS Works or get the free version of Open Office from Open Office looks and feels much like MS Office, but it is free!

Once you have assembled your text documents and pictures according to your page list, zip it up and email it to us for processing. If you cannot use a zip program to zip it all up in one package then send each page of text and pictures together in one email each. So if you have seven pages, send seven emails to your web specialist.

7. Web Specialist (Population) Once your Web Specialist has received your email, they will take the info you have provided and put it into your website using your Website Control Center and tools provided therein. Upon completion your Web Specialist will submit the site for your proofread and approval.
Once you have approved, your Web Specialist will make the site public.

Congratulations on your new site!!!

8. Web Specialist (Population) Each month, your Web Specialist can continue checking for any new content you wish to have added to the site. Remember, we have an Online Training System call the Webs-a-gogo OTS which is full of help files focused on helping you learn how to use the tools inside your website.

The OTS is available 24/7/365.

Support Plans:
We have several pricing plans available to help you get your content into your site and ready for public viewing. Plans start at $20/mo and range from one-time assists to monthly updates. Check with your Web Specialist to decide what is best for you.  Click here to request help from a Web Specialist. 

Now, Go Get Out There and BE SEEN!

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12/14/2009     Date Entered 11/6/2009

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