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FAQ at Staff Only. Thank You! "Login - Forgot Credentials"
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Help Details - Webs-a-gogo Online Training System (OTS)

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Help Details: Login - Forgot Credentials
On your website, click the Staff link >>
I Forgot My Login
This will bring you to the Staff login screen where you can click either the Control Center Icon or loginto your web-based email. >>

Click the Control Center Icon  >>

This will bring you to the Login Screen Shown in the image on this HELP item.  >>

Click the "I Forgot My Login" link at the bottom of the screen. >>
You will then have 3 options for retriving your login.
3)email address of record 
Enter any one of these and click Submit. >>

We will pole your database to find a match on any of these three fields.  If there is a match you will see a screen stating "Successful".  You credentials will then be emailed to you at your email address of record which is associated with your account.  >>

Use the login info sent to you to log into your website.  That's It!

NOTE:  The same conditions exists for:
  The Client Login of your website,
  The Calendar Login retrieval would be obtaied for the main login described in this HELP item.
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3/15/2010     Date Entered 2/11/2009

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