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Help Details: Contact Form - General
We've made the Contact Form a standard piece of every Webs-a-gogo website.  As with most of our standard features, you turn it on/off by use of a checkbox in the pre-made links section of the Homepage setup feature:
The general Contact Form consists of a "header", which you may customize with the Press Article "Contact Form", and a form which collects information about the visitor and their purpose for contacting you.  The Company Information is taken from the data you entered in the Site SEO and Identity Feature 
To edit your general Contact Form access the Press Article Edit feature of the Control Center.  Once there, use the To Edit dropdown to select Contact Form:
From here you can edit anything in the header of the Contact Form, including the picture, just as you edit any other Press Article:
Once the visitor submits the Contact Form they are directed to a Thank You page, which you also control the content of.  Simply select Contact Thanks from the To Edit dropdown:
When the visitor submits the form you and the visitor are both also emailed the contents of the Contact Form.
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