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Help Details: Email Account Setup
You have full control over your Domain Email. You can ADD, EDIT or DELETE users accounts.
When you purchased your Webs-a-gogo site you provided (or were assigned) a username/password for your email account. Click on the Staff link in your Navigation Menu to access the Staff Login page >
In the Web-Based Email Login section enter your "username@yourdomainname" and your password. Then click login >
Alternatively, from the Control Center click on the Mail Admin icon:
and enter your "username@yourdomain" and password.
Either method takes you to your mailbox:
On the upper-right side of the mailbox you'll see your username and a LINK entitled Web Admin. Click the Web Admin link:
This takes you to the Domain Properties page where you click on User Administration:
This takes you to the User Admin section. To add a user click the Add button:
In the Add IMail User section enter (1) the new username (do not use @yourdomainname), (2) the Full Name of the User, (3) the password, (4) Confirm the password, (5) If the user is to be a LIST administrator check the box and (6) If the user is to be a DOMAIN administrator check the box. When you're done, click the SAVE button.
To edit a user simply click on the username:
Then make whatever changes you need in the User Properties application.
To DELETE a user simply (1) check the box next to the username (or usernames) in the User Administration section, then (2) click the delete button.
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