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Help Details: Shopping Cart Configuration
Login to your Control Center and click on the Cart Manage icon:
Fill in your Company Name, then the Title and Subtitle you want to appear on your cart:
In the Shipping Statement enter the message you want your customer to get when the order is processed:
In the Approval Statement enter the message your customer will see when their order is approved:
In the Decline Statement enter the message your customer should see if their payment is declined.  You may want to offer alternate options also:
Complete the Merchant Identity fields: 
Choose your Merchant/Processing Type and complete the required information.  You have 3 choices for processing:
or Manual Process with a Credit Card ZON machine: 
Assign any Cart Variables: 
Assign any applicable Promotional Codes:
Click Save Settings at the bottom of the page.  Your Cart is configured.
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10/15/2009     Date Entered 2/4/2009

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