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Help Details: HTML Editor Toolbar Overview
The icons displayed below are found in the toolbar of the WAG-MOD HTML editor. A brief explanation of each icon's function is included.
Screen Size Button: Click it to expand the editor to a larger work area, click it again to return it to normal size.
  Print Button: Allows you to print the data in the memo.
Search Button: Allows you to search the memo for words or phrases. Also has a replace function.
Spell Check: Allows you to check the spelling of data in the memo.
Cut: Allows you to cut words, phrases, images, etc. from the data in the memo to a clipboard.
Copy: Allows you to copy words, phrases, images, etc from the data in the memo to a clipboard.
Paste: Allows you to paste words, phrases, images, etc into the memo from your clipboard.
Undo: Allows you to undo the last action you took in the memo.
Redo: Allows you to redo the last action you undid in the memo.
Anchor: Creates a bookmark inside the memo that can be referenced from elsewhere in the memo or from another page.
Hyperlink: Creates a link to another document or object, either within your site or externally.
Table: Inserts a table into the memo. You control the number of rows and columns.
Edit Table: Allows you to edit the properties of the table and its cells
Guidelines: Shows or hides the guidelines for tables you have entered into the memo.
Code View: Displays the actual HTML of the memo. Allows editing of the HTML.
Numbered List: Creates a list that autonumbers each line when the "Enter" button is pressed
Bulleted List: Creates a list with a "bullet" in front of each line.
Indent: Places text further to the right to seperate it from other text.
Outdent: Returns text back to the left position
Left to Right: Cursor movement during typing is from left to right.
Right to Left: Cursor movement during typing is from right to left.
Special Characters: Allows for characters such as:  , , , , , ,
Line: Allows the insertion of a solid line across the memo.
Bold: Bolds text.
Italic: Emphasizes text with a right slant.
Underline: Underline text
Strikethrough: Strikes-through text
Left Justify: Justifies text to the left.
Center Justify: Justifies text to the center.
Right Justify: Justifies text to the right.
Full Page Text: Justifies text across a full page.
Insert Image: Allows the insertion of images into the memo.
Styles & Formatting:
Style Selection: Allows for selection of styles from a pre-formatted style list.
Paragraph Style: Select pre-formatted paragraph styles.
Font Type: Select from font styles
Font Size: Select from a list of font sizes
Foreground Color: Select the color of the text
Background Color: Select any background color you might want.
Delete: Delete selected text or objects
Remove Formatting: Remove the formatting from imported (pasted) text.
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12/11/2009     Date Entered 12/4/2009

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