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Help Details: Editing a Press Article
From your Control Center click the Press Article Edit icon:
From the To Edit (existing article) dropdown, highlight the article you want to edit and press Select Button. (If you are following the QuickStart Guide, select the Home article):
Change the data in the Title and Sub-Title fields to what you want for your Home Press Article page. Then decide if you want a link to this article in your navigation bar. If so enter the word(s) you want to use as the link to this Article.

NOTE: Many pre-made Press Article Pages already have links added to the Link Name field, and several Common Press Article Pages that most all websites have such as Home, About Us, etc. already have Links created for them, and can be managed by you in your Homepage Setup. On these common Press Article Pages, there is no reason for you to add a Link Name on these Articles. In WAG-MOD 2.0 the Pre-Made Press Articles displayed in the To Edit Dropdown menu have a blue background. Articles you add will have a yellow background.
Next scroll down to the Memo1 editor. Highlight the first two paragraphs of text and type in what you want to appear on YOUR homepage:
After you do that you'll notice that the font color is still red:
Let's change it to black. Highlight your new text and click the font color selector button. Then click on black in the color picker:
Then click anywhere in the memo and you'll see the change:
Now scroll to the top or bottom and click “Save Changes”:
Refresh your site (F5) and you'll see the changes to your Home Page:
To change a picture, scroll to the bottom of the page and use the Picture File Upload function
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