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Email Account Setup
Your Webs-a-gogo site comes standard with an email account.  This HELP explains how to manage the account.    Help# 032409304    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Email Manage

Email Alias Account
Your Webs-a-gogo email account comes standard with an Alias function.  Several Aliases are included and you can add more as you like.  This HELP explains the email Alias function.  We suggest that you review the Webs-a-gogo HELP covering Email Account Setup prior to viewing this HELP.    Help# 0403091145    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Email Manage

Mail List Subscribe    Help# 042209450    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Email Manage

Create a Mail List

This HELP explains how to set them up.    Help# 0903091254    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Email Manage

Using Your Mail List    Help# 1014091508    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Email Manage

Manually Adding Names to a Mailing List
You can manually add names to a mailing list.  This HELP explains how.    Help# 1015091631    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Email Manage

Web-based Email Login
There are several ways to access your web-based email account.  This Webs-a-gogo HELP explains them in detail.    Help# 0105101213    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Email Manage