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Press Article - Add New
The Press Article is Webs-a-gogo’s name for a webpage or webpage content. You can add unlimited Press Articles to your website.  This Help explains the basics of adding a new Press Article.    Help# 010709454    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Press Articles

Editing a Press Article
When it comes time to modify the content of your webpages, editing a Press Article is easy. This Help explains how to edit a Press Article.    Help# 010709543    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Press Articles

Press Article - Delete
Press Articles may be deleted, but you may want to consider other methods than deletion.  Unless storage space is becoming a problem, the better idea may be to just turn the link to the page off.  This HELP explains how to delete a Press Article.    Help# 021309445    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Press Articles

Pre-MadePress Articles    Help# 021809405    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Press Articles

Press Article Layout Styles
You can assign any one of six different layout styles to your Webs-a-gogo Press Articles.  This way you can spice up the look of your website with a single click.  While the flow and overall look of your site remains consistent, your press articles will have a variety of layouts to keep it fresh.  Below you will find screen shots of the layouts we currently have available.    Help# 0512091810    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Press Articles