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Help Details: File Transfer Protocol (FTP) - Legacy
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is your tool for uploading/downloading your own files to and from the "Files" directory in your website . The "Files" directory is like your "My Documents" on the web.
You will need to use your FTP account to upload special files or file types (such as Adobe Portable Document Files (PDF), certain pictures, powerpoint shows, music, etc) that you wish to display on your website but which cannot be made using Press Articles.

Once files are uploaded to your FTP directory, you can reference them using their file path for links and image placements.  The path you would use fpor FTP files would start with /files.  Then add whatever you need to address the location of the file you uploaded.  Example:  /Files/Yourfile.

For more information and examples of file paths and links see help files below.
    Module Links - Click here to see the help file for linking to WAG-MOD files.
    File Paths - Click here to see help on File Paths
In your website's Control Center, just below the Control Center icon, you can find the WAG-MOD version  you are using.  If there is no version displayed here then you are using Version 1.0.  Version 1.0 MUST use the standard FTP procedures outlined in this HELP.
For Version 2.0, 3.0 or later you have a choice between standard FTP procedures or you may use our Serv-U FTP interface.  Click here to view the Help regarding the Serv-U FTP interface. 

To access your ftp files:

1. Open "My Computer" on your PC.

2. In the address bar at the top of the "My Computer" window type the following without the quotes:

"", then press enter.

3. At the login screen, enter your username & Password, press enter.

4. At this point you are in the "Files" FTP directory of your website. To upload a file simply select it on your local computer, copy it, then paste it in the FTP window.  You can also use the "drag and drop" method to move/copy files back and forth.  Any files you upload to here would be referenced as /files/yourfile. (Example: /files/mydoc.pdf)  In order to link someone to one of these files you upload, you would use the path: /Files/Yourfile
  To download a file simply select it in on your FTP site, copy it, then paste it in a folder on your local computer.

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