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Creating Press Article Text Links
There are numerous ways to create hyperlinks (links) in Webs-a-gogo.  This Help describes how to create a link from text in the Memo Field of a Press Article.    Help# 010609445    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

Remove a hyperlink from text

This Help explains how to remove a hyperlink from text or images in Press Article Edit mode.    Help# 010609528    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

Linking an Image
There are numerous ways to create hyperlinks (links) in Webs-a-gogo. This Help describes how to create a link from an image in a Press Article.    Help# 010709137    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

Open a seperate browser window with a link
There will be times you want your links to open in a seperate browser window.  This Help explains how to do that from within Press Article Edit.    Help# 010709141    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

Footer Links Management
This HELP explains how to manage the Footer Links section located at the bottom of a Webs-a-gogo website.    Help# 020909550    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

Deleting a Link
Some Links can be deleted while others can be removed. This HELP explains the difference.    Help# 021009409    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

Adding mouseover text to a link (link title)
This Help explains how to add "mouseover" text to a hyperlink in a Press Article.    Help# 010709219    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

Helpful Links Feature
Your WAG-MOD site comes with a Helpful Links feature that allows you to consolidate links to other sites that you may be affiliated with or just fond of.  This HELP explains how to use the feature.    Help# 030309434    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

Create a Link to a Press Article
This HELP explains how to create a Navigation Menu link directly to a Press Article.    Help# 051509237    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

Main Navigation Links
This Webs-a-gogo HELP describes the usage of the main Links Management Page.  NOTE:  The links management page is used for editing the main navigation list of your Hompage.  This page should only be used if your website design DOES NOT use the NAV-BAR.    Help# 1021091251    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

Module URLs
The following help gives you samples of url paths within your site.  Use them to create links within the MyLinks and in Memo editors.    Help# 1026091323    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management

Horizontal NavBar

Depending on the design of your Webs-a-gogo WAG-MOD site, one of the options you may have is the use of a horizontal, rather than vertical, Navigation Bar.  This HELP explains how to use the Horizontal NavBar.    Help# 1026091429    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Links Management