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Shopping Cart Configuration
This HELP explains how to configure your Shopping Cart.    Help# 020409422    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Catalog Manage

Catalog Setup - Concept

Your online catalog is a powerful tool for promoting your products or services.  This Webs-a-gogo HELP explains the concept of the online catalog.    Help# 0410091134    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Catalog Manage

Catalog Setup - Add Departments and Categories
You begin building your webs-a-gogo online Catalog by establishing Departments and Categories.  This HELP tells you how to begin.    Help# 0410091255    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Catalog Manage

Catalog Setup - Adding Items
Once you've set up Departments and Categories in your Catalog, it's time to start Adding Items.  This webs-a gogo  HELP walks you through the process.    Help# 041009358    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Catalog Manage

Catalog Field Labels    Help# 1008091351    Dept/Cat: WAG-MOD / Catalog Manage