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Help Details: Main Navigation Links
Section 1,  Pre-made Navigation Links:  These links connect to pre-made Webs-a-gogo module webpages such as Home, About Us, Guestbook, Catalog, etc.  You can change the Label Name for these Links, but they can only target one of the Pre-Made WAG-MOD module webpages.  The information you enter in the Label Name determines your website's Button Link Text and/or Links Text in the first of your 3 part main navigation list on your homepage.
To use these links check the "show" box.
After you make the changes you want, click the Save Settings for Pre-Made Links button.
Section 2, MyLink Navigation Links:  These links can be used to connect to anywhere within or outside your site.  The number of links you create here is unlimited and you may order them in any manner you wish.  As you become more advanced in using the Websagogo Module, you will come to love your MyLinks because of its versatility and unlimited quantity.
(1) Order - Set this number to indicate the position in which you want the link to apear (1 thru ???) 
(2) Show - Set to On or Off.  Comes in handy for links you only use occassionally.
(3) Link Name - The name that will appear on the link.
(4) MO Desc - The text that the visitor will see when the link is moused over.
(5) URL - the page that the link leads to.  Click here to view the HELP concerning Module url file paths. 
(6) Target - Set this to have the link open in a new window or the same window the visitor is in.
(7) Del - Delete the link altogether
After you set your links up the way you want, click the Save Settings to MyLinks button.
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10/29/2009     Date Entered 10/26/2009

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