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Help Details: Footer Links Management
 Footer Links are managed through the Press Article Edit feature.  Access the Press Article Edit feature through your Control Center.  In the To Edit section highlight Footerlinks from the dropdown, then click Select. 
 Enter the text you want to appear above your Footerlinks in the Title and Subtitle fields.
 In the Memo1 field edit the text to reflect where the links will lead your visitors.  You may create hyperlinks with each text area.  (For more on creating hyperlinks visit our Creating Text Links HELP)
 The Memo2 field is heavily linked to SEO.  Enter text describing your products or services.  Make sure you use the keywords you set in your SEO/Site Identity feature as much as possible. 
When you're finished remember to save your changes using the Save Changes button.
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4/14/2009     Date Entered 2/9/2009

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