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FAQ at Staff Only. Thank You! "Creating Press Article Text Links"
Category: Links Management
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Help Details: Creating Press Article Text Links

Important Note:  If you are planning to locally format text and colors in a Press Article that will contain hyperlinks, create the hyperlink FIRST, then format the text.  If you format the text first, then create the hyperlink, the hyperlink will change your text formatting.

In the editor for Memo sections of each Press Article there is a hyperlink emblem. Highlight the text you want to make a link, and click the hyperlink emblem:

When the hyperlink applet appears, select the path prefix (if any) from the Source dropdown list (http, https, ftp, mail, etc).  If you are linking to a page within your site leave this blank.  In the next field enter the path to the page you wish to link to.  If it is a page outside your site use the www address.  Press the insert button at the bottom of the applet.
Your text is now a hyperlink.
You may also want to consider BOLDING and underlining your link.
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12/3/2009     Date Entered 1/6/2009

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