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Q: Is my site capable of making money?
Yes.  Your site comes with a full-featured catalog that let's you offer products or services to the public or to select clientele.  Along with your catalog comes a full featured shopping cart which uses PayPal, Authorize.net Merchant Services or Manual processing.
Dept: WAG-MOD        Category:  Catalog Manage     Item# 112808232    ID# 27

Q: I just got my new domain name.  What do I do next?
Now you need a website so customers can find out more about you.  Select one of our WAG-PAC options where you can deploy any one of many designs, or conatct us about a custom job made just for your needs.  Just remember that while we can help you transfer your Domain Name away, you cannot take your Websagogo Module Website.  This is because our Sites are our proprietary code designs and are protected under copyright laws.  Besides, they would not work on somebody else's web server.
Dept: Websites        Category:  Websagogo WAG-MOD website     Item# 111108535    ID# 16

Q: How can I add a Catalog and Shopping Cart to my website?
All WAG-PACS come with a Catalog and Shopping Cart included. You use Department Edit, Category Edit, Catalog Labels, Catalog Item Mgr and Cart Manage to setup your online store. Then you simply activate the Catalog in the Homepage Setup feature of the Webs-a-gogo Control Center to make your Catalog visible to the public.
Dept: WAG-MOD        Category:  Catalog Manage     Item# 121908457    ID# 53

Q: How do I add items to my Catalog?
There are 3 webs-a-gogo features that work in conjunction with each other to build your Catalog. They are Department Edit, Category Edit and Catalog Item Manager. Simplistically, The Catalog Item Manager is your store. Within that store you have Departments (such as Automotive, Sporting Goods, Household Goods, etc). Within each Department you have Categories (such as Bedding, Accents, Kitchen, etc in the Household Goods Department).
The first step in adding items to your Catalog is to establish Departments. Once you’ve added a Department, you add Categories to each Department. Then you can go to the Catalog Item Manager and add items.
Dept: WAG-MOD        Category:  Catalog Manage     Item# 122308555    ID# 60