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Q: Does webs-a-gogo provide phone support?
Yes.  We take great pride in offering "human" support to guide and direct you through your Webs-a-gogo experience.  And we speak English...that's Georgia USA English.  

But it is important to note, we want you to become as self-reliant as possible with your Webs-a-gogo website.  To help you with that goal, we have developed an extensive Online Training System (OTS) which includes Help Files, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Knowledge Base (KB)  and Video Tutorials.  We encourage you to use them FIRST, but we do have a full Support System that includes Chat, Support Action Requests (SAR) and yes...Live Telephone support. 
If you can't find your answer in our OTS, fill out a support action request ticket and you'll be contacted ASAP.  The official word is "a solution within 24 hours".   However, we do a pretty good job getting back to you within a few hours.
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