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Q: Where can I get a fast SSL that does not cost much?
  #SSL-456    Dept/Cat: Security/ SSL Certificate

Q: What is a "STRONG" password?
  #021209410    Dept/Cat: Security/ Passwords

Q: What are cookies and why do I need them to use Webs-a-gogo's products?
For all intents and purposes, cookies here at Webs-a-gogo are used as your identification card for our servers.   
When you become a member (or purchase other products/services), Webs-a-gogo writes a cookie to your computer.  The cookie that Webs-a-gogo writes to your machine is used to enhance our security, protect you and identify you on your return trips to our site.  It is uniquely yours and is read by our servers on each visit you make, then compared against our records to verify that you are an account holder here at Webs-a-gogo.  This also insures that no one else can access or view your information here at Webs-a-gogo.
Most computers are shipped with cookies enabled.  If your computer does not allow cookies, see the Webs-a-gogo HELP "Allowing Cookies".
  #0330100815    Dept/Cat: Security/ Cookies