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Q: I already have a domain name registered with another registrar.  Can I use that domain name and that registrar with my Web-a-gogo website?
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Q: Is there a minimum time restriction before I can transfer a domain name?
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Q: How do I get a new Domain Name?
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Q: Can I transfer my domain name to another registrar?
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Q: Do domain names expire?
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Q: What is a domain registrar?
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Q: What is a domain name?
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Q: What happens if I forget to renew my domain name.  Do I lose it?
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Q: What is a WhoIs Listing
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Q: I received a letter telling me my domain name was about to expire and that if I didn't send them $35.00 right away that I would lose my domain name.  I thought Webs-a-gogo handled my domain name.  Why did I get this letter?
  First -- If you bought your domain name through or transfered your domain name to Webs-a-gogo's control, you are protected.  Even if you fall victim to one of the many companies who conduct domain name registration scams, we've got your back!!  
  Every domain name that is registered has the contact information for the registrant (you) placed in the national WhoIs database.  This includes your email address, your home address and your phone number.  The WhoIs database is PUBLIC ACCESS.  These "domain name scammers" harvest the information from WhoIs, then conduct mail campaigns that lead you to believe that you are about to lose your domain name.  You, not wanting that to happen, send them a check, normally for at least twice what the renewal would cost you through us.  These scammers then try to get your domain name transferred from your current registrar to themselves.  If they are able to accomplish the transfer, whatever services you have associated with the domain name stop working.  You cannot transfer the domain name back to your web provider's control for at least 60 days.  In general, you're in a mess.
Learn more about this deceitful practice.  Visit the links provided below:







  Here at Webs-a-gogo we protect our clients by automatically, unless you request otherwise, registering ourselves as the ADMINISTRATIVE contact for your domain name.  In this way, even if you are duped into paying an unscrupulous scammer, the request to unlock the domain for transfer comes to US.  At that time we will contact you to see if the transfer request is legitimate.
Second --- If you want to protect your information from display in the WhoIs datatbase, contact us about our "Private Registration" offering.  For a very nominal cost your personal information can be protected from "harvesting".
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