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Is there a "best way" to get my site listed in Google or Yahoo?
There's not really a "best way". Different search engines use different algorithms to determine your "value" to them. We can help you submit your site to the major search engine companies and we also have some very "slick" methods for optimizing your search engine value. Some of these methods are built in to the site, and some are "pay for" services. But officially there is no "one way" to do it. That is the legal answer! Now...The fact is that we have built Webs-a-gogo from the ground up with SEO in mind. Almost every piece of data on a Webs-a-gogo page has been optimized for Search Engine Appeal. In orther words we recognize the standards applied by the three major search engines which occupy the largest share of the market. Those three being Google 53%, Yahoo 21%, MSN 8%. As such we have followed their guidelines for optimizing a webpage for increasing index ranking in a natural search return. Our years of experience have taught us what you need to do to get found. If you follow our guidance, not only can you get in the Top-10 but...depending on your level of commitment, you can BE the Top-10. The icon called "Site Setup Optimize" in your Control Center will help you setup your websites keywords, page descriptions, meta page titles and more. Then we re-use this information on every page of your site. Further, all items, links, pictures, titles, subtitles and other objects in your site have special code added to them designed especially for Google and others. To further help you with your search result Top-10 quest, we have created our very own proprietary technology called MPOP Sites. These, more than anything else you can do will help your name, your site, your product get in front of a searcher. What's more, it's cheap. Real Cheap. Dollar for dollar the best money you will ever spend on your website marketing. Guaranteed. MPOP is designed to be used together with your content for maximum results. Contact your WAG-Specialist for more information.
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