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We Keep Track!
Webs-a-gogo WAG-TRAK. The web tracking and analytic solution you need to grow!

The Webs-a-gogo website tracking and analytics solution known as WAG-Trak, will provide you a wealth of  information regarding the traffic into your website.  This is particularly helpful when planning web marketing, assessing the yield of marketing, and knowing what pages are popluar to people and search engines.  Among other reports, WAG-TRAK will provide you with:
  • Summary Traffic Reports
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly traffic reports
  • Visitors and hits with distinction
  • Browsers Reports
  • Cookies reports
  • Screen Resolutions
  • Referers & Referers by Domain
  • Search Engine Traffic reports
  • Most popular Pages
  • Hourly reports
  • Origin reports (Country, State, etc.)
  • and more!
The WAG-TRAK screenshot below will give you an idea of the way your reports will look.

For more information, contact your Webs-a-gogo Web Specialist at 478-274-0024. Or, to signup right away for WAG-TRAK, simply select the WAG-TRAK option from within your Webs-a-gogo CAMP Panel.