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QuickStart Guide
A hands-on approach to getting started with your Webs-a-gogo Module Website

OK, so you have your Domain Name, Your Hosting Account and now, your Website!
But what next?  Where do you begin?  
We have designed a QuickStart Guide with you in mind.  You may have some experience with Google Searches, Microsoft word or other word processor but may have linmited experience with the web and computers in general.  If this is you, then this guide is sure to make things a bit clearer!  On the other hand if you are a more advanced user, then you will still find this guide to be a time saver.  Whichever catgeory you fit into with respect to your web-ability, time matters!  We hope this guide and our Online Traing System (OTS) together with your dedicated WAG-Support specialist will be all you need to take your site to the world in success!

To get started, we have created a short three point outline.
1. First, a list of priorities you should consider when preparing your site for public viewing.
2. Second, we have a list of web-terms you may want to get familiar with.  Some are common in the world wide web and some are specific to Webs-a-gogo.  In any case however, they are all useful for you to understand know when you read or hear about them.
3. Third, we have the QuickStart guide of tasks.  This list of tasks is only as important as you make it.  We recommend you stick to the list and complete the steps for the features you will initially use.  If you decide at a later time to incluse another feature, you can revisit the QuickStart Guide to assist you in setting up those features.  Remember, the purpose of this Quick Start Guide is to help you get started smoothly, without as much confusion and wasted time.  Your web convenience, your web comprehension and your web success are the reasons we wrote it.
To use your QuickStart Guide log in to your website's Control Center and click on the QuickStart icon.