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Webs-a-gogo announces the release of their Webs-a-gogo Module (WAG-MOD) version 3.0
WAG-MOD 3.0 is our latest, greatest release.  We have added numerous new features:
 - Your Contact Form can now create V-Cards.  This allows you to add a contact to your Microsoft Outlook Contacts by simply double-clicking the V-Card attachment.
 - Your Contact Form can automatically add the sender to a mail list.
 - Your Task List and Calendar can now send text messages reminders to your cellular device.
 - You can create "draft" pages for your website, so you can get 'em just right before you make them public.
 - You can choose horizontal or vertical navigation links ---- OR BOTH!! *
 - Our QuickStart Guide - quickly, systematically guides you step-by-step through the basics of getting your website ready for public consumption
 - Online Training System (OTS) access.  Each page and feature is filled with informational guides and links to related HELP articles
 - and more !!  Too much more to list 
*  Choosing both prevents the usage of our horizontal 'Marquee" scroller