Plastic or Paper Please!
On the web...You gotta take the plastic! We'll show you how!

You have three choices on how to take money with your Webs-a-gogo WAG-PAC website.

1. PayPal:  It's free to signup and setup for your website.  We have already setup your Webs-a-gogo Module website to work with PayPal in your catalog and checkout process.  All you need is an active PayPal account.  Once you have an account you are just a couple of clicks away from being ready to take money with your Webs-a-gogo Catalog.
2.  Webs-a-gogo is an authorized partner and reseller for merchant services. is one of the big three internet merchant account services which will enable you to take Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover as well as e-checks.  This service comes integrated with your webs-a-gogo website.  Since your account is integrated with your Webs-a-gogo module, all purchase data is stored in your website's database for use by you in reporting and record keeping.  In contrast, your PayPal account option above is not website integrated, therefore all purchase data is kept at PayPal.  This means that you will have to login to your PayPal account to track all purchase data.  With there is setup and monthly fees associated with your account.  While we do prefer for maintaining records and data with your online catalog, we recommend that new websites starting up on a tight budget consider starting with the free PayPal service.  Once you have stabilized a monthly income sufficient to support $40 to $50 fees from, you can always switch.
3. Manual transaction:  This cart option works just like the option, except that the card information is not run for approval at the time of purchase.  Instead, the purchase data and customer card info is stored in your secure database for use by you in running a manual transaction on your company zon machine or other credit card approval system.  With this option, once the customer finishes checking out, you are sent a notification along with the customers data so you can manually process the purchase.
All of these options are customizable according to your needs and catalog items.  You can also change methods at any time without a brake in service.
For more information is determining the best option for you, contact your web specialist.