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Spam Policy

SPAM! Nobody likes it. Spam fills all of our mailboxes with junk mail from all over the world with stuff we didnít ask for, canít pronounce and just donít want. To make it even worse, spam often carries viruses or other malware with it to infect our computers with destructive bugs which threaten our precious data. Simply put, Webs-a-gogo cannot tolerate spam. We remain vigilant to defend against it and prevent it at every opportunity. Webs-a-gogo does not take part in any spamming practices during the course of our advertisements and promotions. Instead, we only mail to lists of customers who have not opted out of our advertisement program, or have subscribed to our mailing lists in general or specific. In addition, we do not sell our customer list or mailing lists to anyone, at any time. In fact, we donít care for that sort of thing around here. Most people usually donít like having their personal information sold for money to someone they donít know, and, since weíre some of those ďmost peopleĒ, we donít like it either. So, all traffic to and from our web servers is monitored for indications of abuse and spamming practices. We maintain a spam abuse reporting center to register spam abuse allegations to help us find it and stop it. Webs-a-gogo investigates all complaints and accounts suspected of using Webs-a-gogo products and services to send spam. If Webs-a-gogo determines there is a problem with spam, Webs-a-gogo will take the appropriate action to correct and resolve the problem.

Spam Defined

Webs-a-gogo defines spam as the sending of unsolicited Commercial Email or Bulk Email, which is email sent to recipients as advertisement, promotion or other without first obtaining confirmed consent from the addressee to receive these messages.

A more simple way of describing SPAM might be the sending of advertisement or promotional email messages to the email addresses of unsuspecting people who did not ask for it and do not expect it. This act is further compounded when the SPAM continues over time with repetition, and, the recipients have no recourse to stop the spam, such as an unsubscribe option in the SPAM message.

Actions We Take

If Webs-a-gogo determines that services provided by Webs-a-gogo are being used in association with spam, Webs-a-gogo reserves the right to take appropriate action to relieve the situation. Such action may include but not be limited to service suspension or cancellation of web site hosting, email boxes or other applicable services for a period necessary to correct the problem. The registrant or customer will be notified of the suspension and must respond by email to Webs-a-gogo with a statement that they will cease to send spam and/or have spam sent on their behalf where such services utilize Webs-a-gogo servers. The registrant or customer will be charged a non-refundable reactivation fee which must be paid prior to reactivation of the services. In the event Webs-a-gogo determines the registrant or customer continues the abuse after services have been restored the first time, Webs-a-gogo may permanently terminate the web hosting and any email boxes associated with domain name in question.

Accepted Practices

We will not allow our servers and services to be used for the purposes described above. In order to use our products and services, you must not only abide by all applicable laws and regulations, which include the Can-Spam Act of 2003, but you must also abide by Webs-a-gogo's no spam policies. Commercial advertising and/or bulk emails may only be sent to recipients who have "opted-in" to receive messages from the sender specifically. They must include a legitimate return address and reply-to address, the sender's mailing address, and an obvious opt-out method in the footer of the email.

While we realize that many businesses depend on and thrive through the use of advertisement email, we must follow the law and our conscience. Further, although we understand that many people are equipped to filter out unwanted email such as spam, still many are not. Webs-a-gogo must maintain a responsible policy for handling spam and other network and server abuses that have an adverse effect on our customers and the public in general. For those businesses who need the service of advertising through email messages, there are many mailing list companies out there which specialize in sending advertisement email to customers lists. We recommend that Webs-a-gogo customers using any hosted services at Webs-a-gogo seek out these companies as an alternative to spam attempts from our servers.

To Report Spam Abuse: We encourage all customers and recipients of email generated from our products and services to report suspected spam. Suspected abuse can be reported by email to abuse@webs-a-gogo.com or through our Spam Abuse Reporting Center on the Web by clicking here.

Email: abuse@webs-a-gogo.com

Revised: 01/21/2010

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