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When we say High Profile....WE MEAN IT!

For the purpose of our MPOP explanation we will use a ficticious landscaping company.
Our make-believe company will be named " Moore's Landscaping" in Atlanta, Georgia.
We will use only 10 MPOP Domain Names.

1. Primary Domain and Primary Site

2.MPOP System deploys MPOP website(s) for each MPOP domain name to be represented. Notice, the MPOP Domain Names we chose below are not the company name, but rather search words someone might use when looking for a lawn care company in Atlanta without knowing the name of one. Much the same logic as a local yellowpage book. As since MPOP Domain Names are nbot the primary domain, they are designated as MPOP Supplemental (MPOP Supp) Domains. Each domain then has it's own website, which is basically the same as the Primary Domain website. Except that each MPOP Supp will retain it's own identity on the web while still displaying the primary domain website information. See Diagram-1 below


3. Register as many MPOP domain names as you like. We have clients with hundreds of Domain Names. Under bulk pricing for use as MPOP purposes you save big on cost as well.
4. With the development of the Primary Site will come the MPOP technology which will drive the serving of all of the MPOP domains and websites under the MPOP Primary Domain System, as well as SEO and navigation for all MPOP-websites. Content editing, site management, data storage and functions architecture are designed to be handled from a central location on the Primary MPOP domain & website. To Google and others, each MPOP Supp Domain/Site name will be its own distinct website location and “presence”. Hence the term “MPOP” which stands for Multiple Points of Presence.
5. Each MPOP domain/Website will have its own distinct identity while it's appearance conforms to the design scheme of the Primary Domain/Website. Thus each MPOP domain will have a true look and feel as being part of the bigger organization while maintaining its own independent identity, web address, location, code headers, SEO content.  See Diagram-1 below
6. Each MPOP domain will be separately addressable while being a part of the bigger Primary Domain name development.
For example, the Primary MPOP domain for our sample Organization, “”. Additionally, each MPOP domain will have its very own “web records” as follows:
a. Each MPOP domain will have a centralized user interface for SEO content editing and configuration under the Primary Domain website control center
b. Each MPOP domain will have its own SEO. This SEO should be kept similar to Primary Domain for maximum effectiveness. Editing and optimization can be global and site specific
c. Each MPOP domain will have its own C-name for server location identification
d. Each MPOP domain will have its own A- record for world wide web addressing
e. Each MPOP domain will have its own MX records for email
f. Each MPOP domain will have its own DNS entry for IP locating by domain name or URL.
In every way that matters, each MPOP domain/Website will be a free-standing website pointing at the primary domain which draws
it's data from the primary domain. Since search engines hold high value for sites which have other sites linking to them, you can begin
to see the benefits of this system.
7. MPOP domains will all link to one another, share one another’s content and maximize SEO reciprocity attributes. Simply put: “All MPOP sites point to all MPOP sites” via text links, shared images, banners, etc. To Search Engines such as Google, they appear as separate, distinct websites even though all MPOP domain/sites will be served to the WWW via one website development, ie.  See Diagram-1 below
8. As such, content editing (changing page content such as text and pictures, adding pages, links, etc.) is simplified from one central location, data sharing is simplified from one unified database, long-term maintenance and developing is streamlined under a unified system.
Upon initial stage release all MPOP domains will have a distinct and separate web presence by domain name which the client can edit and adjust as necessary to fulfill their big picture marketing requirements.
Webs-a-gogo is the only web hosting company we know of which uses server technology in this way. We have tested this system extensively with numerous clients and found it to be a highly effective and ethical means of adding SEO value to a website.
We have clients who are not only in the Top Ten of a Google search result, They are the top ten!
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