Not Just Features? We Got Webs-a-gogo WAG-MOD Features
In addition to having cutting edge technology and stylish designs, Webs-a-gogo websites are packed full of services and features that perform like web beacons attracting people from all over the you Archives
So you buy a Webs-a-gogo website.  You have a great design. You have all the tools you need. You're ready to get started.  So just what does your new website have to offer that will help you rise to the top of the world wide web virtual pile while making a great impression. 

With our all-inclusive service & pricing philosophy we always do our best to include ( at no extra charge ) ALL the stuff you actually need to make an lasting impression with a high profile website that performs at the search engines..

Remember the old saying..."It's in there"? 
Well here's another one..."Your Success = Our Success"
At Webs-a-gogo we believe in order for us to succeed, you must succeed. So look below at the ever growing list of INCLUDED features, functions and services we have packed into every Webs-a-gogo Module Website (WAG-MOD).  Just check out some of the stuff in our WAG-MOD offer these days.

With a Webs-a-gogo WAG-MOD site you are in control of all website functions and features.
CONTROL: As you can see in the image at right, your Control Center is filled with possibilities.  Use a few of the tools here or use them all.  It's up to you.  In any case you have complete control over your websites look and content.  Our extensive Online Training System (OTS) together with our unrivaled support center will get you on the road to success rapidly.  We even providfe each client with a specific member of our webstaff to become your personal web specialist.  This kind of familiar support is rare in the web business.  We know from experience, you will love it.

Webs-a-gogo WAG-MOD (ver 3.0 and after) websites include the following features, and then some:

a.  Unlimited Press Articles (Web Pages):  Press Article is the term we assigned as a content page or "web page". For your general text and picture web pages we utilize what we have termed as the "Press Article Page".  Use this function to create and populate new and existing web pages such as About Us, Home page and others with text content and pictures, graphs, tables or whatever you need. Press Articles can serve as stand-alone web pages and as Featurettes which function to provide content editing on Non-Press Article "Pages" ( such as the header information on Link page, Contact forms, Subscriber forms, etc). Stated simply, the Press Article is your general purpose, do almost anything with it web page.   

b.  Full e-commerce integrated hierarchical (Dept & Category) Product/Services Catalog:  with Departments and Categories which supports thousands of products and services for sale online.

c. Shopping cart: which utilizes three methods of payment:

     i. Manual Payment

     ii. PayPal

     iii. Merchant Account Services via Payment Gateway Systems
d.  Calendars: Unlimited and user editable. Use some for public access. Restrict some to access by staff members or clients. Versatile and customizable. Can also be used to notify staffers and clients of upcoming events by email.

e.  Catalog Gallery Displays 1st Picture of each product service item in your website catalog.

f.   General Gallery Unlimited pics with titles and descriptions. Can be enlarged with thumbnail selection and all pics can be emailed directly to a friend from the website.

g.  Mail-a-Pic feature:  Email any pic from the website to a friend with a message with an embedded link back to the page you were on when you sent the pic.

h.  Subscriber Mailing Lists Pages: Provides for client subscription  to multiple resources provided via email or web page

i.   Contact Forms: Templated, customizable contact forms

j.   A minimum 10 Email Accounts:  Email accounts come with Web-based and POP3 support. All have spam filtration and virus protection. Number varies on the WAG PAC you select. We have minimums but we offer but we'll bump it up when you need it.  Common sense applies.  In other words, a company of 15 people will not generally need the 500 email accounts offered by the completion.  More likely a 15 person company might need 15 to 30 accounts including aliases and mailing lists.  But, since we want you have what you need, just let us know why on earth you might need a gazillion email boxes and we do whatever we can to accommodate and try to do it at no extra cost while we do.  This part of our overriding philosophy of WINNER

k.  Email Aliases:  Aliases are useful for mail routing to user mailboxes. Either individually or as groups. Further aliases can provide a unique topic related address for visitors to send to (ie. sales@, billing@, info@, etc)

l.   Mailing lists up to 10k users each.  These mailing lists are designed for subscriber based lists for visitors to your site. No spamming allowed.  Only folks who have expressed an interest and have subscribed. 

m.   Helpful Links Helpful Links page provides links with pics to other resources on the web which offer support and info to clients.

n.   Search Engine Optimization console:   Edit your Meta-Tag data for your website. Identity, Keywords, Page titles, Page descriptions, Category, Contact info and Address
o.   Color scheme editing: Global controls for site-wide editing of text, backgrounds, headers, borders, etc.

p.   Complete Link editing: Links customizable to pages within your website and other sites.  Three Primary link types on your navigation group are Pre-Made links to Pre-Made Website Module Pages, MyLink customer links  

q.   View Cart: Unique client based site memory of add cart items from catalog

r.   Favorites:  Unique client based site memory of add favorites items from catalog

s.   Get Receipt: Customers can retrieve a receipt from a prior purchase

t.   eNewsletter with auto feature to allow any press article to be automatically included in the e-newsletter.

u.   Blogs:  Unlimited number of blogs. Entries can be responded to be visitors

v.   Web Sales Reporting:  Customizable reporting for sales tracking

w.   Client Reports Customizable reports to track customers and clients

x.   Client/Member Portal Provides for Secure environment for clients and members to login to receive classified content, messages, purchase history and more. Excellent tool for communication and dissemination among staffers and members and clients.

y.   Templates for Press Article Pages FAQs, Directions, Weather, About Us, Video Viewing, Home and more

z.   Featurette Article FeatureEvery press article page can have another article inserted at bottom to plug another topic.

aa.   Music Player Web based MP3 Player to play library based music. This can be used in a variety of circumstances for multimedia purposes

bb.   Slideshows on every Press article

cc.   GuestbookAllow your visitors and guests to make an entry to guestbook showing they were there.

dd.   Daily Backups on a 30 day cycle:  Webs-a-gogo backs up your website everyday going back 30 days. This way if there is ever a mistake or data loss, we can go back as far as 30 days to recover your stuff.

And more…