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Support Action Request Form  (SAR-Form):
What we call our SAR-Form, this is our support request ticket or support request form. By using this resource, your entire support request is recorded and tracked by our 3-Tier support staff constantly until you have your issue answered to your satisfaction. Click here for the Support Action Request Form.

We offer online chat for providing you help and training support. We can quickly answer your needs using a chat session and provide you with strong documentation to answer you questions. This also can be faster than a phone call since chat will jet you past the telephone system and the "on-hold que".

Telephone Support:
Yes we have real people from Georgia ready, willing and able to answer your support needs over the phone. While we do try to encourage our customers to use our robust and detailed OTS (Online Training and Support) System, we are provide free phone support. We save money when you are able to use our online resources so we try hard to make it easy to get your answers using our OTS. But when that fails, just pick up the phone and call 478-274-0024!